What is the Ambassador Program?

Our Ambassador program provides young changemakers with a platform to share their message across the world, connect with other youth, learn from guest speakers and influencers, and get the tools and network needed to amplify your message and build your mission.

“If everyone is a changemaker, there’s no way a problem can outrun a solution”

– Bill Drayton

You’ll have Access to…

Here is a more detailed list of what you’ll have access to by being a HumanityUp Ambassador:

  • Weekly group calls
  • Calls with guest speakers and influencers
  • WhatsApp group & Facebook group
  • Taking part in campaigns
  • The opportunity to contribute to our blog
  • Features on social media
  • Free access to Changemaker Odyssey’s ‘Rise Up!’ course
  • Monthly toolkits and workbooks

Our Causes

The HumanityUp team has been involved in humanitarian and environmental projects across the world representing the following movements. We are currently involved in varying causes which we advocate, work on, and represent.

Here are the causes we are currently involved in and advocating for:

Become an Ambassador!

The world’s greatest humanitarian problems won’t be solved by creating big grand global solutions, they’ll be solved by creating a thousand local ones. This is what makes you so important. We don’t know your community. You do!

This is why we want you to join HumanityUp! We can become a team of humanitarian heroes. The greatest humanitarian problems will finally be solved, not by one, but by us all.

Apply to be a HumanityUp Ambassador and get the opportunity to represent your country/city and be involved in our worldwide community!

Simply click the APPLY button below and fill out the form – we’ll be in contact as soon as possible!