We are a group of passionate young changemakers from across the globe dedicated to making

a difference in the world. We believe that the youth will be the true superheroes

of our day and age. We have the opportunity to make a change here and now. It is up

to us to decide the type of legacy we wish to be remembered for.

We are committed to uniting humanity!

Do you want to find a community of young changemakers? Do you want to collaborate

and network with other youth advocates, activists, and future leaders? If you said YES then JOIN US!

Our Ambassador Program

We’ve created an ambassador program for young changemakers across the world to get involved in HumanityUp projects and to provide them with a  platform to share their message across the world.

Apply to be a HumanityUp Ambassador and get the opportunity to represent your country and be involved in humanitarian projects worldwide!

About Us

Our Movement

We plan to start a movement powered by young

changemakers across the world.

Our Team

Each of us are from different parts of the world and

represent different cultures and ethnicities.

Our Goal

Our long term goal is to impact one billion

lives by 2040.